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Over the 4 years that Josephine worked with Compass Group Canada as a Financial Business Analyst, she demonstrated unfailing dedication, diligence and perseverance. She brought expertise, stability and strong accounting practices to the role, earning the corporate client’s respect and trust. She consistently met and exceeded exacting and fluctuating expectations and deliverables. She contributed in large part to strengthening our company’s contract and business relationship with the client. Her positivity and engagement in group activities endeared her to her other team members. She is a team player and encouraged excellence and strong health and safety performance, a key value of the client. Her mantra is “Make it work, make it happen” and that was exactly what she did. She standardized the timesheet submissions and implemented many other continuous improvement projects. Josephine is an avid learner who actively seeks opportunities for personal and professional development, such as joining Toastmasters. She is also always willing to share her knowledge, the sign of a true leader.

Reference by Ngala R.

JC is a great motivator and influencer, her passion for learning is contagious, and her positive attitude towards our learning is very encouraging. I learned a lot from her, and I regained my self – confidence with her help. Whenever I have made a small progress, she will congratulate me and let me know where I can improve the next time. I really enjoy learning how JC give comments and evaluations as her evaluations are always to the point, which demonstrated her high level critical thinking skills.

Testimonial from Rosy Z.

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